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When it comes to retaining website visitors and encouraging them to check again next time, nothing beats page speed. People have a lot to do, and they will not want to spend the whole day waiting for your page to load. Checking you, webpages for speed is a smart SEO move. Our page speed checker is a great SEO tool for any webmaster who understands the relevance and importance of managing webpage speed. Just submit your URL to the box provided and our system will feed you with the details of that very webpages in terms of its speed, loading time and more. Through this information, you’ll be able to learn about those webpages that are not loading fast and make serious moves about fixing them. Our tool also provides you with vital information link script links, CSS links, image links, and other resources links. Using page speed checker regularly will ensure that you keep an eye on problematic pages and then fix them, so they can perform better.